Zsolnay Restaurant & Coffee bar

Zsolnay Restaurant has opened in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter of Pécs three years ago, with the intention to present the finest tastes of Pécs and Baranya Count to visitors and city dwellers. Since then, not only the residents of the city have awarded the restaurant a public choice award, but it has also been selected to be the best restaurant outside of Budapest twice, at the National Restaurant Week, based on the feedback received from guests. If you only have an hour to get acquainted with the gastronomy of Pécs, there is no other choice, but to come to us. If you merely wish to try something unusual and earn new experiences, both the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter and Zsolnay Restaurant and Café are excellent choices. The atmosphere evokes the era of the Zsolnay family of craftsmen, with excellent service, and a unique gastronomical experience. No artificial allures, just an honest, fresh culinary experience that respects traditions. Discover our world, get to know our offers and reserve a table! You will not be disappointed. We welcome guest with the renewed menu card, in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter of Pécs!

Website: http://zsolnayetterem.hu/

Phone: +36 72 / 222 486

Mobile: +36 20/ 345 70 00


About Us

The most excellent products produced in Southern Transdanubia are available on our website. The website is operated under the Southern Transdanubia Local Products Model Programme by Dél-Dunántúli Idegenforgalmi Nonprofit Kft.


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