Restaurant Kormoran

Kormoran is located on a small island of the Kopački Rit natural reserve, surrounded by canals. The area is primarily known for its rich fauna of birds and the fifty species of fish found in its floodplains, swamps, bogs. Also, three-hundred different bird species have been observed here. Most of them only fly through, while cormorants have their permanent habitat here. Probably because they cannot be eaten. But the fish and game of the territory are very popular. Most popular dishes of the Kormoran include fish stew with home-made carp on a spit, roasted fish and game specialities. The building formerly operated as a hunting lodge, its interior is also very cosy, but the best location is the terrace. It enables viewing the making of the dishes prepared on an open fire. If there is capacity for desserts as well, after a fish stew or carp prepared in seeds, take a break before the enormous slice is served. The restaurant is owned by the Belje Group, so there is also an opportunity to taste their traditional kulen, cheese and the wines of their winery.

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