Mészkemence Guesthouse

Our guesthouse is located where the forests of the Mecsek and Tolna hills meet, awaiting for its nature-loving visitors on a 4500 acre hunting ground. It was named after a lime-burner that is still active today, and is among the tourist attractions of the area. Our guests can spend an active holiday here. You can wander through unspoiled landscapes on foot, locally hired bicycles or on horseback, but there are also opportunities for carriage rides, boating, fishing, hunting, and even outdoor cooking at the designated fireplace. The guesthouse has a 30-person conference room and open spaces surrounding the guesthouse to host other events such as weddings, school leaving celebrations, conferences and trainings. Genuine forest atmosphere is made complete by homemade game meat and wild forest mushroom dishes served in the guesthouse, accompanied by the famous wines of the Villány and Szekszárd region.

Website: : www.meszkemence.hu or http://www.mecsekerdo.hu/meszkemence-vendeghaz-2

Mészkemencei Vendégház (Guesthouse):

Phone:+36 72 / 563-037

Mobile: +36 30 / 228-63-66

Email: meszkemence@gmail.com


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The most excellent products produced in Southern Transdanubia are available on our website. The website is operated under the Southern Transdanubia Local Products Model Programme by Dél-Dunántúli Idegenforgalmi Nonprofit Kft.


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