Kövestető Guesthouse

Kövestető Vendégház waits for its guests looking for sports and leisure facilities in a forest setting near the village of Hosszúhetény, in the Eastern Mecsek Mountain region. After trips in the forest, playing golf, tennis, or participating in bike tours, it always feels good to get refreshed, which the guests can do in the sauna or the restaurant of the guesthouse. The restaurant’s special game dishes are made with local ingredients, which ensure a wonderful finish to a day spent meaningfully among the wonders of the Eastern Mecsek Mountain. There are several local attractions serving as a destination for those who wish to hike. In Pusztabánya village less than 2 kilometres away, a glassblowing furnace and a glasshouse have preserved the memory of the glass-blower German inhabitants who once lived here, and in a nearby self-catering holiday farmhouse apartment, the artwork of the wood-carver Győző Szatyor, from the city of Pécs, can be explored. The Ethnographic Museums in Hosszúhetény and the spa in nearby Sikonda provide additional activity options for those who stay at the guesthouse. In 2015 we are “Team-building!” Groups can participate in forest experience and training programs.

Mecsekerdő Zrt. (Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd)

Website: http://www.mecsekerdo.hu/kovesteto-vendeghaz

Phone: +36 72 / 481 058

E-mail: turizmus@mecsekerdo.hu


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