Kovač Čarda

Kovač Čarda, a popular diner with fish delicacies at the exit of Suze to Zmajevac, only Čarda in Baranja. Its owner, Arpad Šipec, in remembrance of this information helplessly shrugs. He says, when he entered the tavern in 1978 in Baranja the situation was completely different.

For your gastronomic story Arpad, however, does not care, because it is sure of the originality of their offers. Even in the name of the Card to the original and only a few know what it means, “Kovač” in the name “Kovač čarda”.

“When on July 1, 1991 for the first time I entered into this facility, I borrowed money for the rent of my brother-who was then working in Germany. My brother in law is called Sandor Kovac and as a sign of respect for him, because in the most difficult time he helped me in financing the renti of the premises, I named the tavern Kovac carda ”

These 1991 Arpad Kovacs Card led only a month and a half, until 15 August. He had to flee from Baranja, and temporarily settled in Hungary, where he returned in 1998 with his wife, a Hungarian from Mohač who has not spoken a word of Croatian, and by Arpad jokingly calls his “war loot.” He went to work for St. Vincent’s Day that year, and every year in Kovac Carda on that date celebrates “new birth” of this popular restaurant. Of course, in this stage of his brother in law was the biggest support, but Arpad completely takes over ownership of the Carda in 2002.

“This fast paced life has changed everything a lot, taverns had ceased to function as well for modern passengers because they need to stop less at resting places. A fish restaurants have always been resting places. For Kovač Čarda, which before was called “Ilonka card”, it was known that Gypsies from Zmajevca were born there and died there. I do not know if there could ever get, and that someone inside has not played cymbals and violin. Lately Carda lost former importance of road and inns are mostly concentrated along the Danube. However, we are in that specific, because Kovac Carda, I guess, the only carda in the region that is not on the water, “says Arpad.

From the time when he first tried to lead Kovač Čarda, Arpad never forgot the mosquitos who were drinking blood in immense quantities. Arpad claims he had to remove mosquitos with a srainer from their fish stew that were in swarms stormed and drowned in the kettles. Even then it was decided that as soon as the opportunity arises, he would leave the cooking fish stew over an open fire and switch to cooking in the kitchen. This was done last year and 12 gas burners are the reason why his kettles brings back guests, for example, a single fish from fish heads, so spotless, without the usual black.

Hungarians from neighboring Hungary come in a convoy on weekends because of Arpad’s bacchanalia of fish heads know. For his cheek goulash of fish you to have to phone in advance to inform and negotiate, because Arpad could take several weeks to collect a sufficient number of catfish heads, perch and pike that are the foundation of this food that you cannot ear anywhere else. Arpad is unique in Baranja and Perkelt of frogs’ legs, to which is added a little bit of catfish. The only pohuj jelly fish, not Needless to say, only in him can not eat liver of catfish.

“When you hear all these dishes based on fish heads and entrails, then you will understand my philosophy of life – nothing to throw.” His most famous dish, greaves of carp, Arpad has created with his late friend and great restaurateur Gezom Gudlin from Osijek Slavonian house.

“Oh, Geza was in many ways an original and do not know who has not heard of his sausages from fish. Often we hung out and one night I decided that I invent something. It crossed my mind to make greaves of carp, and Geza congratulated, “he says.

Arpad has 13 times participated in international competitions in cooking stew in the Hungarian town of Kalocsa, and from there it kept returning with medals, but also the title of -Master taste! Once they placed him in the jury of the Hungarian national competition. Croatia has twice won the title of national champion. Former President Stjepan Mesic, does not pull his head out of his cauldron until he has had at least three servings of fish stew.

Specialties of Kovac carda:

Fish scraps of carp
Stews of fish facepiece

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