Káca Farm

The Zselic hills are home to Káca farm between the villages of Gorica and Kán. We can see native Hungarian animal species here that became nearly extinct in the last few decades, such as the grey cattle, Mangalitza pigs, and various sheep and poultry species. Káca farm in between the Zselic hills is a family dream come true, which focuses on preserving and passing on traditional Hungarian values of a wide range, including animal husbandry and meat processing, gardening and agriculture, sports and even ordinary daily chores. Visitors can therefore have an authentic open air museum experience, and get to know native Hungarian animal species. The animals on the farm are fed on natural seed mixtures and hay, and their thirst is reduced by the waters of the creek, hence the local dishes we serve are made with 100% organic ingredients. A wide range of dairy products, traditional oven-baked bakery products, and home-processed meat products are all available to our guests, while they can have an insight into the free time activities of our ancestors. The farm can provide accommodation for bigger groups or larger groups of friends as well, including pleasant team-buildings or simply relaxing. The crafts made on the farm can be found in many places in the area: they appear weekly on markets, fairs and festivals, which can be traced down on our website.

Website: www.kacatanya.hu

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The most excellent products produced in Southern Transdanubia are available on our website. The website is operated under the Southern Transdanubia Local Products Model Programme by Dél-Dunántúli Idegenforgalmi Nonprofit Kft.


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