Gilice Guesthouse

Gilice guesthouse and restaurant lies in a picturesque valley of the Mecsek Mountain, around 10 kilometres from Pécs. In a family-run guesthouse like ours one can always feel welcome, as the staff never ceases to be attentive. The guesthouse aims to provide experiences that will never fade. Local visitors can enjoy high-quality events, musical and other special programs, while for those who arrive from distant places we organize city sightseeing tours and hikes to nature reserves. From time to time it is possible to shoot pigeons, hunt in the forests of the Mecsek Mountain or just admire the view from a hot air balloon from above. In the restaurant of the guesthouse, domestic and international dishes are prepared, with sumptuous serving. Time spent here at weekends are made really special for the guests by the outdoor open grill kitchen, crispy loafs baked locally in traditional ovens, and traditional dishes made in cooking kettles.


Phone: +36 72 / 532-253

Mobile: +36 30 / 878 83 78

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The most excellent products produced in Southern Transdanubia are available on our website. The website is operated under the Southern Transdanubia Local Products Model Programme by Dél-Dunántúli Idegenforgalmi Nonprofit Kft.


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