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In our cafe everything is local – well, except for coffee and cinnamon, of course, but those are fair trade. Local – from our garden, the hutches, pasture fields, meadows, forests, fishponds… Seasonal - fruit, vegetables, green leafs and flowers right when they are in season or as we saved them preservative-free for the winter. We offer traditional and new wave dishes, including corn dodgers, wild garlic sandwiches, traditional spicy cottage cheese spread, forest salad with lesser celandine and forest salad with purslane. Our beverage selection includes herbal teas, the home-made version of the fashionable ice tea, and surprising but delicious green juices – made even from nettle leaves. We provide everything for serving, decoration and consumption and serve our drinks and dishes buffet style. There will be no plastic cups on the tables, which you can be sure of. We recommend our natural local product tasting selection for events and conferences. Visit Cserkút and have a green leaf supper from the rural guest table!

Ibolya Németh (Biobia), Biobia Porta Pajta Szálló

Phone: +36 30 437 2340

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Facebook: Mecsek Ökocsali


About Us

The most excellent products produced in Southern Transdanubia are available on our website. The website is operated under the Southern Transdanubia Local Products Model Programme by Dél-Dunántúli Idegenforgalmi Nonprofit Kft.


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